PAMS Feature

Service Standard Management


PAMS enables you to define services standard for tests, test groups and for individual ordering healthcare providers or healthcare groups.  For example, services delivered under contract may require special service schedules that define particular service level and service delivery agreements.  PAMS enables the contracted schedule of services to be defined for each diagnostic test or test group for the nominated healthcare provider.  What’s more, PAMS enables you to define critical service monitoring that enables you to actively monitor each service ordered under the service contract, so that you can pro-actively manage each service to ensure delivery within service standard.

  • Define service standards for tests & test groups
  • Define service standards for ordering healthcare groups
  • Manage service delivery through service standard monitoring


PAMS enables you to define the rules to be applied to the delivery of each service, so that for each test or test group you can define particular processing requirements to be followed.  These rules may define requirements for sample collection, particular lab processing or financial payments (e.g. co-payments) that are to be applied under service standards.

  • Define processing rules for individual tests or test groups
  • Define rules for sample collection, transport, lab processing and financial processing
  • Integrated alerts and notifications for pro-active management


At the centre of PAMS, the integrated test guide allows you to define your requirements for each diagnostic test that your lab provides.  For each test you can define the particular requirements for the test as well as the service standards that are to be applied to the delivery of the diagnostic test to each healthcare group that you service.  The test guide is integrated with each action within PAMS to ensure the quality, timely and consistent delivery of your lab services.


Using PAMS alerts and notifications, you can monitor the delivery of every ordered service, and be immediately notified of exceptions that fall outside defined service standards, or even better, when a service standard is at risk. Dashboards allow you monitor services as they are being delivered. From ordering through to results delivery, each step in the delivery process can be monitored in real-time and where action is needed, action centres enable you to take quick actions to get services back on track.


The audit trail can be used to review each action performed throughout the service delivery process.  Using the audit trail, you can review each event for every order, allowing you to easily pin-point potential issues and to understand how each service is performed.  The audit trail also provides you with a vehicle to analyse trends and understand where service delivery improvements can be made, enabling you to take precise and effective actions to deliver targeted service improvements.

  • Full audit trail of events of all service events
  • Historical analysis of process, methods and events
  • Centralised management view