PAMS Feature

Tailorable Test Manual


At the centre of PAMS, the integrated Test Manual allows you to define each diagnostic test that your lab provides. The Test Manual does more than just document test characteristics.  It defines your requirements for each diagnostic test that your lab provides.  Once defined the Test Manual is used by each PAMS app to guide and manage every stage of your pre-analytical process, from ordering, sample collection, transportation and preparation for testing.  For each test you can define the particular requirements for the test, including the required samples, procedural and competency requirements, equipment needs, financials and service standards that are to be applied to the delivery of the diagnostic test to each healthcare group that you service.

  • Centrally managed & controlled test service profiling
  • Active integration with the PAMS app suite
  • Centrally define test service standards, sample collections & handling requirements
  • Definable processing rules for each test


The test manual allows you to define rules and procedures that need to be applied to diagnostic test services that you provide.  Rules may be applied to test groups or particular tests that need specific patient preparation, sample collection, handling and transportation or financial requirements.  Once defined within the test manual, test rules are published to each app within the PAMS suite.  The test manual not only provides a central management point for the definition of sample collection procedures to be used for the collection of required samples for each test, but also provides rules that manage the collection of the samples required and collection procedure to fulfil each particular patient episode.  Once an order is received, PAMS uses the Test Manual, sample rationalisation rules, and Order of Draw rules to calculate the optimal sample set for each order, and to determine the order in which samples should be collected.

  • Graphical definition of processing rules
  • Apply rules for specific processing for each test
  • Rules actively applied within each PAMS app
  • Define optimisation rules for sample rationalisation & Order of Draw


The PAMS Test Manual is an active part of the management and processing of each order processed through every app within your PAMS app suite. Once published, updates to the PAMS Test Manual become integral to every aspect of your pre-analytical process from ordering, collection scheduling, sample collection and transportation management. PAMS manages the publishing process to ensure that every action uses the most up to date processing rules that you define within your test manual.

  • Author, authorise and publishing process
  • Central management of activation & deployment
  • Active integration with PAMS apps & processes


PAMS makes it easy for you to define common test groups that making ordering of logical test sets easy and convenient.  Once defined, ordering clinicians can simply select test groups from the selectable tests that are available to them.  PAMS allows you to define selectable test group naming so that, if required, a clinician can select via clinical terms and conditions (e.g. “chest pains”, “diabetes screening”) as well as test naming.  The PAMS Test Manual also allows you to determine the audience of clinicians that each test group is published for, so that you can publish a different profile of test groups for Hospital Emergency clinicians to that for Oncology.  PAMS protects against incorrect and incomplete ordering, to ensure that the right tests are ordered for the right patients at the right time.

  • Define and manage logical test groups
  • Define and associate clinical terms & conditions
  • Publish & inheritance of test groups for target audiences & healthcare providers


The PAMS Test Manual can become your Test Manual that you can make available to every ordering healthcare group that you service, and your entire lab operations.  You can apply your own corporate styling to your PAMS Test Manual and publish it to your intranet or public internet sites, or if required you can publish your Test Manual as a mobile app.  As an active part of PAMS, updates are immediately reflected as soon as they are published.

  • Author, authorise and publishing process
  • Public publishing profile for general or anonymous access
  • Manageable publishing roles & responsibilities