PAMS Kiosk

The self-service shop-front that connects patient services

with faster and more efficient laboratory processes.


Had enough of queueing? Your patients certainly have.

Expectations have changed. Gone is the old paradigm of “turn up and wait your turn”.

Modern expectations are for readily-available, demand-driven services that can be selected based on individual needs.

But in this change, there is a silver lining.

The PAMS Kiosk brings a new patient self-service model that not only excels in delivering polished and simple patient interactions, but enables the laboratory to better manage its collection processes and resources, thereby reducing costs and improving bottom-line results.


Do patients know when & where to find you? Do they know what they need to do – where and when they can go to get the service they need and expect?

Is your collection experience patient-focused?

Using the PAMS Kiosk, patients can feel that they are in control.

The Kiosk provides a simple guided process that allows patients to quickly register, at a time and place of mutual convenience.

A convenient service sets their expectations of the collection experience and informs them of collection pre-conditions.

Simple, fast, effective – no waiting, no return visits.

It all begins with a good patient experience which provides a model for attracting and retaining patients.


Pandemics have a way of highlighting chasms in old and out-dated processes. Extraordinary demands for testing have exerted a strain on sample collection processes and protocols that have been designed for “normal” processing loads.

Even with pop-up collection centres, purpose designed to cater for high throughput, lengthy queues, with patients queueing for hours has become commonplace. Sample collection and testing models have understandably buckled under this extraordinary demand, and hours of queueing have tested the good-will of the public seeking to co-operate with community health directions.

Long queues, lengthy wait times, and large crowds at purpose-designed collection facilities, are counter to the public health need - running the potential risk of “super spreading” events, and eroding the good-will and co-operation of the public. With facilities unable to adequately schedule collection activities, demand has inevitably overwhelmed the capacity of collection facilities.

The PAMS Kiosk can be used to quick transform collection facilities into safe, well-managed services that are capable of responding to variable loads.

Through its connected process, patients self-serve, completing pre-screening, registration and collection appointment scheduling. At collection facilities, the collection times are reduced, as patients are pre-registered and matched using quick and convenient QR Code technology.

The result – organised and faster collections that eliminate queueing. Collection, identification and transport of samples are managed through integrated processes. Test results and post-screening advice can be directly communicated as soon as they are available as part of the connected end-to-end process.


The PAMS Kiosk can be quickly configured to accommodate a wide spectrum of sample collection and processing needs.

Business rules are married to a simple to follow app-flow that leads patients through the self-service process steps of pre-screening and preparation, patient registration and positive identification, billing, and scheduling of their collection appointment.

The Kiosk is designed, first and foremost, as a patient centric service that is welcoming and easy to follow.


The PAMS Kiosk closes the gap between laboratories and patients, connecting patients directly with your collection facilities. Its easy self-service process provides convenience for patients, while providing the opportunity for laboratories to optimise and rationalise often costly sample collection facilities and services.

The PAMS Kiosk allows laboratories to extend their services beyond the laboratory walls to transform their connection with patients from a reactive demand-driven model, to a convenient service-service model designed to promote best-practice patient service delivery.

Empowering patients puts you in control. Better visibility and early connection with patients allows laboratories to optimise and better manage your collection activities.

Using the PAMS Kiosk, laboratories can differentiate their service delivery, and stream-line patient interactions, sample collection activities and results delivery. The old adage applies – good service is good business, but it doesn’t have to come at a high price.


The PAMS Kiosk is an independent but fully integrated part of the PAMS suite that can be quickly and easily deployed as part of a secure widely accessible service.

Providing a seamless and secure connection with laboratory processes and systems, PAMS will fully integrate with LIS and LIMS systems. Manual process steps, that can be time-consuming and error-prone, such as data entry and data transcription, are eliminated and replaced with secure, validated data exchange methods. By delivering a fully managed, connected process, PAMS delivers a best-practice framework for connecting patients, healthcare professionals and laboratories.

Being cloud-based, it can be easily scaled to meet demand peaks with zero requirement for hardware or technical infrastructure.


  • Avoid patient queueing at collection facilities
  • Improve patient interactions and collection experience
  • Reduce demands on call centres & support staff
  • Pre-screen patients
  • Optimise collection activities
  • Reduce patient registration and identification effort
  • Optimise collection resources, staff and facilities
  • Improve resource and capacity planning
  • Improve collection facility throughput
  • Minimise collection times and re-collects
  • Better manage follow-up tests, post test advice, and results delivery
  • Optimise collections based on locality, capability and availability
  • Real-time visibility of collection activities