PAMS Feature

Tailorable Rules & App Flows


PAMS implements best practice strategies that are proven effective methods for creating high efficiencies and minimising the risk of errors.  Each app within the PAMS app suite works cooperatively to ensure the most efficient delivery of services, and to provide the highest levels of manageability and visibility to clinicians, laboratories and patients.  No matter which PAMS apps you choose to use, PAMS provides you with a fully integrated approach to manage the process that happen outside of your lab walls.  PAMS gives you the flexibility to choose and quickly tailor apps that suite your particular needs, whether they are for use by your own staff or external healthcare providers.  You can grow and shrink your PAMS app suite to suite your changing needs, with confidence that that you have new unparalleled control of what happens outside of your lab walls.

  • Define & manage your own app suite
  • Central management & deployment of apps to users & devices
  • Best practice app design and processing standards


PAMS has been designed from the ground up as a modern mobile app suite.  It delivers a familiar, consistent and easy to use mobile app design philosophy that is consistent with good smart phone and tablet format app design.  PAMS strives to provide apps that are sophisticated, yet require minimal training to use effectively, while providing you with the ability to apply your own particular corporate branding and styling.  PAMS allows you to centrally manage the configuration, look and feel of each app within your PAMS app suite, and you can publish updates quickly and simply through the integrated management centre.

  • Designed specifically for laboratory & clinical use
  • Tailorable app styling
  • Central management of your app suite


PAMS makes it easy for you to add and tailor apps that suite your particular needs.  The PAMS app framework has been designed with flexibility at the forefront, so that you can quickly inject custom app modules to meet specific requirements.  PAMS provides best practice building blocks and functions that take care of key procedures (e.g. PPID, auditing, authentication and authorisation) which are the foundation of every PAMS app, however each app process may be varied depending on your needs and requirements.  For example, the Collections app used by nurses for Hospital ward collections will be different to the app used by phlebotomists at collection centres, as will the app used for collection of samples during surgical procedures.  PAMS makes it easy for each of these to be delivered with a common underpinning framework that delivers consistency, traceability and common management functions across your entire PAMS app suite.

  • Tailorable app flows & processes
  • Integrate custom modules and components
  • Specific pre-built best practice medical grade app functions and components


Through the App Management Centre, every app within your PAMS app suite can be centrally managed and controlled. The App Management centre makes it easy to and new and update apps as needed, and allows you to schedule and publish updates.  Once published, apps will be updated on every device where the app is installed, with users being notified of key updates or procedural changes.

  • Centralised App Management
  • Managed processes for app publishing & deployment
  • Integrated security & authorisation model


PAMS provides you with a centralised management centre that enables you to define processing, app flow, compliance and procedural rules that are used by each app within your PAMS app suite. PAMS provides you with a non-technical graphical rules designer that you can use to maintain the rules that you need to manage and process every service that you deliver.

  • Graphical design & management of app rules & processing
  • App Management Centre for app suite control
  • Managed process for rules authoring, publishing and activation