PAMS Feature

Sample Tracking


PAMS gives you visibility of each sample’s journey from the point of collection through to arrival at the lab.  The real-time tracking monitor provides a central management point that enables you to locate each sample at any given time.  It provides a convenient management forward view of the payload and schedule of samples in transit to the laboratory, providing operational management staff with a proactive management tool for scheduling of lab resources and staff.

  • Track samples in real-time
  • Plan & optimise sample collections, transport and delivery
  • Proactively plan and manage lab resources and staff


Working in conjunction with PAMS Chain of Custody, Transportation and Courier Management functions, PAMS allows you to plan and optimise sample transportation, and to specify rules and events that enable you to proactively manage the transportation of samples.  Rules and events may be used to manage transportation requirements or to trigger alerts if a sample delivery falls behind schedule.  PAMS allows you to define the level of tracking that you require, from individual samples to sample groups, and enables you to define the level of monitoring that suits your needs.

  • Define sample transportation rules & conditions
  • Set proactive tracking monitoring rules
  • Actively monitor service standards


Traditional manual procedures that detect and record sample defects upon arrival at the laboratory means that the lab is always reactive, resulting in often expensive and untimely recollection of samples being required.  PAMS works to eliminate sample defects by eliminating errors that can arise through process, technique, handling or compliance failures, but where defects do occur, PAMS enables these defects to be identified at the earliest possible time. And where sample recollection is necessary, PAMS makes it simple to arrange the recollection as early as possible.   Using PAMS you can identify and track the source of sample defects to identify the most appropriate corrective actions.  This may be to notify the ordering clinician and arrange recollection, but may also be to address systemic issues or to provide targeted training.

  • Integrated management of sample defects
  • Identify defect source and causes
  • Eliminate defects before they reach the lab


Active alerts and notifications are designed to put you in control of your process outside the lab.  PAMS provides you with complete visibility of all samples as they are collected and delivered to the lab.  Using active alerts and notifications, you can be alerted if there is a potential issue that needs your attention.  Notifications highlight any potential issues, and then provide you with quick action centres that enable you to take quick and effective action to resolve any issue.  With active alerts and notifications, you can be confident that you are always in control of sample collections and delivery, and that you can proactively manage rather than being reactive to problems.

  • Define alerts and notification to proactively manage sample collection & delivery
  • Be notified of potential issues before they become a problem
  • Action centres for quick response


PAMS maintains a detailed audit trail of every step and action from sample collection to delivery to the laboratory.  The audit trail logs detailed information for each action, showing details of the process, who and how each sample was handled, transport conditions, routing and transit times. The audit trail provides with a complete record of all actions so that you can analyse compliance, performance criteria and efficiency as well as easily satisfy regulatory and audit requirements.

  • Full audit trail of all procedures, actions and events
  • Historical analysis of process, methods and events
  • Centralised management view