PAMS Feature

GP & Clinical Integration


Delivering an integrated approach to the management of pre-analytics is fundamental to the design of PAMS, and a core element is ensuring that clinicians are provided with ease of use and visibility of their diagnostic testing services.  PAMS makes the ordering of laboratory testing services simple and convenient – to make sure that the right tests are ordered for the right patient, and that test results are delivered conveniently and when required.  PAMS connects clinicians, patients and the laboratory to tests ordered for each patient, to deliver a managed and visible process. Clinicians know when a patient’s samples are collected, or they can be alerted if they have not been collected, and when test results are available.  No more chasing of results with lab call centres, PAMS keeps you informed as to the progress of each patient order, and you get alerts and results delivered directly to your desktop or mobile device, or through your PMS or EMRS.  PAMS works seamlessly with your clinical systems so that you can order and manage each patient episode.

  • Designed for clinician access & convenience
  • Integrated delivery of test results to clinical systems or mobile devices
  • Active alerts for proactive management of diagnostic tests


PAMS connects clinicians with the lab to provide complete visibility of the delivery of each patient’s diagnostic testing episode.  Clinicians can be advised as to the progress of each order test or alerted as to any issues or particular test results that require urgent review.  PAMS allows the clinician and the lab to set alert criteria that can be tailored to each patient episode.

  • Selectable alerts and notification for particular patients or test episodes
  • Define monitoring events & schedules
  • Receive notifications to clinical systems and mobile devices


PAMS makes it easy for clinicians to access test results anywhere, at any time.  The PAMS mobile multi-platform approach means that clinicians can securely access results just as easily through their desktop, their smart phone or tablet device or via the web. What’s more, PAMS allows clinicians to set alert profiles that enable them to monitor the delivery of test results, or to be alerted when particular results become available or are delayed.  No more chasing the lab for results, PAMS does that for you.

  • Delivery of results via desktop, mobile devices or web
  • Alert profiling for test results delivery
  • Secure delivery of results


PAMS can be seamlessly connected to your Practice Management and Patient Information systems.  We know that quick and convenient access to all patient information is central to your clinical interactions and that you need information to be well organised and presented in a familiar and logical fashion.  PAMS integrates with your PMS (and PIS) ordering and results delivery process so that you can order lab testing and receive results directly through PMS.  PAMS manages the delivery of orders form your PMS and the delivery of results to your PMS, and adds value by providing you with visibility of the processing of each order, and provides you with alerts that require your attention.  PAMS has already been integrated with many popular Practice Management Systems, please contact us for more information.

  • Seamless integration with clinical and practice management systems
  • Integrated ordering, alerts and results delivery
  • Configurable to suite individual practice requirements


As Electronic Medical Records Systems (EMRS) are becoming more widely implemented within hospitals and healthcare centres, replacing paper-based records, electronic ordering or medical and clinical services are becoming more common place.  PAMS has been designed to integrate with electronic ordering systems to provide seamless integration for the delivery of laboratory services.  PAMS accepts orders originated electronically within any EMRS or clinical system, paper-based orders, or orders generated through the PAMS app suite.  Irrespective of how each order is generated, once registered in PAMS, each order can be managed with visibility for clinicians, patients and the laboratory.  PAMS can become a valuable tool that can deliver a smooth transition from manual ordering processes to a new EMRS, providing progressive and manageable migration that is convenient for clinicians and reduces risk to patient health and safety.

  • Seamless integration with Electronic Medical Records Systems (EMRS)
  • Integrated ordering, alerts and results delivery to EMRS
  • Integrated management of electronic and paper-based orders