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Heads Up Data Entry (HUDE)


Heads Up Data Entry (HUDE) removes the need for paper from the data entry process by allowing the entry of data directly from electronically captured documents into the any external system, such as a LIS or LIMS. This eliminates the need for paper documents, making the data entry process easy and streamlined.

The data entry process, may be optimised, with HUDE managing the processing, prioritisation and distribution of data entry throughout the enterprise, and independent of testing or operator location.  HUDE manages secure access to all information required for efficient data entry, directing functions to appropriately skilled operators.

HUDE provides access to all documents required to complete data entry, with sub-second response times – a critical requirement for efficient and timely laboratory data entry operations.


imagePROFILE can be configured to automatically queue documents, or specific types of documents, to HUDE for data entry. Organisations can configure HUDE processing rules which control what documents and how documents are to be processed by HUDE.

HUDE can be operated in two modes:

  • Connected - where HUDE is integrated with an external system, such as a LIS or LIMS, so that, as the data entry operator moves from field to field on the data entry form, HUDE responds accordingly. In this mode, generally, the external system “drives” the data entry process and actively communicates with HUDE through a defined messaging protocol, which allows data to be passed between HUDE and the external system.
  • Disconnected - where HUDE operates independently of the external system. In this mode the user operates HUDE through the HUDE client, and selects the documents to be processed directly from the queue selected.


Heads Up Data Entry (HUDE) speeds up the processing of requisitions by allowing data entry to be completed before specimens arrive for testing at the laboratory. This means that diagnostic testing can be performed immediately upon arrival of the specimen at that laboratory. Administrative delays and bottlenecks are eliminated.

HUDE allows the operator to enter patient information, testing requirements, clinical and financial information sourced from the requisition, directly into the Laboratory Information System (LIS) using certified digitised images, eliminating the need for paper documents.

Using imagePROFILE IFP, fields within the LIMS data entry forms can be prepopulated from data extracted directly from documents, further reducing required data entry effort and improving accuracy.



HUDE prioritises and forwards document images to data entry operators, and aids them in quickly transferring information to the LIS, substantially reducing data entry times.  HUDE enables a data entry operator located anywhere in the organisation, to operate as a single distributed data entry team, with access to documents with local access speeds regardless of locality or network bandwidth.

imagePROFILE HUDE enables requests to be prioritised and directed to appropriate team members in the order determined by laboratory processing rules.


imagePROFILE HUDE has been demonstrated to improve the efficiency of laboratory data entry operations by as much as 30% with improved accuracy of up to 20% over traditional laboratory data entry operations.

HUDE makes it possible for multi-lab enterprises, to make best use of data entry resources across the enterprise, taking advantage of the geographic dispersement of data entry operators thoughout the enterprise, that may be in different timezones, to provide a continuous and consistent data entry process.