Pre Analytical Management System (PAMS) from SURITY, controls every step of pre-analytics, to eliminate errors, reduce recollections and improve patient safety.

With control comes improved profits and capability to scale-up or down to meet the demands on clinical labs.

LIMS Vendors

LIMS vendors

Enhance your value to pathology labs and clinicians. Our PAMS is simple to integrate with any platform, so your clients vastly reduce and even eliminate pre-analytical errors

Clinician support

Improve services for clinician satisfaction. Provides ease of use for clinicians and allows them complete visibility of specimen management

Scalable and simple

Meet peak demands as they occur. The system handles variances in volumes and users, incorporating tablets, mobile and cloud technology

Proven Track Record

Used by leading pathology labs to reduce errors, costs and improve productivity

Vastly reducing recollections for clinical laboratories

Transform pre-analytics to a simpler, controllable and predictable environment

All of the major components of pre analytics are controlled: Process, Handling, Technique and Compliance. Containing these four components in the one connected system means that you will know everything about any errors if they occur, so you can drill down quickly and resolve. A far-cry from existing disparate systems, which drain resources, require resources and still cannot provide answers to why an error occurred.

You can now eliminate errors during every step of the pre-analytical process:

  • Ordering
  • Collection
  • Transport
  • Reception
PAMS components

PAMS is an ‘early warning’ for pre-analytics errors, with constant real-time visibility.

From order creation to analysis, you are always in control. Pre-Analytical Management System (PAMS) gives you the capability to identify an error and know where to respond.

Safest for patients and reputations

PAMS delivers patient safety in many ways. For example, positive patient and sample identification with instant print and labelling at collection does not allow for mistaken identities. One key way to protect patients and avoid commercial damage to brand reputation.

Keep track of all samples with complete visibility for every step of pre-analytics

Every stakeholder and sample is accounted for. From collection, labelling, patient identification - to transport and chain of custody, everything is known. During every step of pre-analytics there is control and visibility about what is happening and why.

Ready to go out-of-the-box

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PAMS is purpose built to work alongside your existing systems or platforms. PAMS uses the latest proven technology and industry standards to remove the headaches from systems integration. Being Cloud based provides simplicity, scale and zero requirement for hardware or technical infrastructure.

Flexible and scalable to exactly meet your needs

PAMS can start as big or small as you like. For example, Collections might be the highest priority, so PAMS can solve that problem and you can scale from there. The important thing is the choice is yours.

Fully customisable to suit your operations

PAMS provides personalised and customised dashboards. You can set your own system parameters and isolate the process intelligence that has meaning for your operations to report and act on.