See PAMS in use

Watch as the system prevents anything from being lost, forgotten, mislabelled or misused

Every single pre-analytics step is controlled, monitored and known. From the moment a test is ordered by a physician,until the sample is ready for analysis

Clinical loyalty

Clinicians currently lose business and lack knowledge about their patient’s journey. PAMS is an easy to use way for clinicians to remain as a loyal referral source.

Continual verification

Nothing is lost and every step is controlled to ensure compliance and identify needs for training collectors

All data captured

Increases profitability with far fewer recollections and the capability to handle more samples

Ease of access and use

Using existing standards and proven technology, the system is familiar, simple and reliable

Available on a wide range of consumer tablets and mobile devices and specific medical grade, infection control devices.


  • 2 GB free space
  • Android v4.1.2 and above
  • Windows 8.1 and above
  • iOS

Cloud Services

Surity is a certified Microsoft Cloud Platform partner. We work closely with Microsoft to ensure that our cloud services are optimised to ensure the highest standards of availability, accessibility performance and security.

Cloud services implemented via Azure to provide 99.6% availability SLA.

Data Security

Your data is safe with multiple layers of security and your options as to where your data is stored and located. Protecting your data is fundamental to everything we do. You can choose to have your data security stored on Azure industry-leading infrastructure or use a hybrid storage strategy with sensitive data stored on your own infrastructure. Whatever your choice we strive to ensure your data is always secure.

Data Security

Access to your data is strictly controlled through an integrated user authentication system. You may choose to integrate PAMS with you existing on on-premise AD security infrastructure.

Authorisation rules control access to each app and data - controlled through your specification of user membership to security roles. Only authenticated and authorised users have access your PAMS implementation.

Data Transmission

All data transmitted is secured by data encryption.

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See PAMS in use

In this short demonstration, you will see how every step in pre analytics is controlled.

  • Large cost savings with massive reductions in recollections and other inefficiencies.
  • Improved productivity to handle more samples with existing resources.
  • Enhances patient care and safety.
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